FoodRevolution® 2024

The international conference series FoodRevolution® focuses on a holistic approach towards the food future encompassing a comprehensive understanding of the interconnections between sustainability, safety, and health. Therefore, this series is unique in its kind – there are no other events quite like it. The conference takes place under the patronage of the University of Parma.

Join us in Parma, Italy, 21-23 October 2024 for this year’s conference: FoodRevolution® 2024.

Driving the transition to a sustainable, safe, and healthy food future

The food and feed chain is under a magnifying glass as the whole system of production, packaging, distribution, and consumption has a huge impact on nature.

On top of that, younger generations give preference to fresh, clean label and plant-based food products over highly processed and animal-based food. Reducing consumption of foods of animal origin and choosing more plant-based food can indeed have health and environmental benefits. But it can also pose risks, e.g., the presence of mycotoxins, plant toxins, and allergens. Minimal processing makes food safety a top priority from the perspective of microbial contamination.

Another issue is the increasing demand for healthy and immunostimulating ingredients and new food products to reduce the sequela of (infectious) diseases, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic.

So, the food and feed industry is on the eve of a revolution in which sustainable, safe, and healthy food products are the norm, even though at present there is no clear consensus on what constitutes sustainable and healthy food. Innovation, new (bio)technologies, digital tools, AI, etc. will transform the food and feed chain from farm to fork, which ties in with the One Health approach recognizing the interconnection between people, animals, plants, and their shared environment.

Listen to the front runners in this food revolution and establish new links between the innovators and the followers in the agro-food business. Get the right inspiration and solutions to move ahead quickly. This is why FoodRevolution® 2024 is here!

Target audience

  • experts and leaders in the agro-food industry (food & feed businesses, beverage companies, healthy ingredients and supplement manufacturers, packaging industry, food recycling and waste management companies, retailers)
  • scientists
  • consultants
  • suppliers of products and services for quality control and risk management
  • certification companies, voluntary standards owners, and auditors
  • investors
  • consumer organizations

Who we are

The FoodRevolution® conference series is a joint initiative between Bastiaanse Communication and Affidia.

Bastiaanse Communication is the provider of strategic corporate and consumer communication services for more than 20 years. Bastiaanse Communication translates science into strategic and practical solutions with a strong focus on interactive communication processes in an international dimension.

Affidia is a media company focused on food innovation, food safety and food diagnostics. We keep our audience updated about any risk hidden within the food supply chain, with a special focus on chemical contaminants and food allergens. We also observe the evolution of the regulatory framework, and we discuss the efficacy and reliability of food controls.

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